Vancouver Junk Removal Services

Vancouver Junk Removal Services

When hiring a junk removal company for the first time it is always a little bit intimidating to most people. It is not a service they have dealt with before and they have no idea what to expect. Here are the first few steps that should be taken.

Since you live in Vancouver, it would be a good idea to search on the internet for some local rubbish removal companies. Obviously the company needs to service you area since they have to visit your house. Examine their websites and try to get a feeling for the business. This doesn’t mean that bad companies don’t have good looking websites but later in the process you will be able to weed out the rest. The next step is to company prices. It should be stressed out that prices can be very misleading. Some companies are able to list low prices because they have hidden fees. It is not uncommon to a client to get a low rate and then after the job is done, to be told that the labour and dump fees were not included. It is advisable to stay away from such service providers. They are nothing but troubles.

Giving them a call is the best thing to do next. This way the client will be able to figure out some important information regarding rates, hidden fees, taxes and availability. The company also needs to speak to the client in order to determine the volume, weight, type and location of the junk. Only then, can the company give the client a good estimation. When speaking to the customer representative you should be able to get an idea of what sort of company you are dealing with. If they carry themselves in professional matter, then most likely their Vancouver junk removal service will be good.  However, if you sense any sort of rudeness or dishonesty when you are asking questions, hang up and call another provider. There are some rubbish disposal companies operating in Vancouver which are known for scamming their clients and it is easy to spot them just by interacting with them on the phone.

How much would junk removal cost?

Again, it depends on amount and type of garbage and how far is it from the curb side or driveway. The more garbage you have the more it will cost. However, it is better to gather as much rubbish and get it hauled away from your house in one go. The reason for this is that larger loads have better deals. It basically cost less per item hauled away. If you don’t have enough to fill up the whole truck, talk to some of your neighbors and make a deal with them.

Ways  to save money on junk removal

Labour cost is high for this industry and the faster these guys load the items onto the truck the cheaper it would be for the client. The clients can save money by getting all the unwanted items to the curb or in the drive way. Any area of the property where a big truck can pull up to will do it. It makes a big difference in how long these guys have to be at your house.

However, not everyone has the option to call friends for helping with moving the junk to the curb. If we have to come inside your house to remove heavy furniture, please clear the path for us. This way we will be done faster and you don’t have to worry about us knocking things down or perhaps even doing damage to other furniture.

Why is some rubbish more expensive to dispose than other?

There are few good reasons. For example mattresses in Vancouver must be recycled. There is no way around it. The city adds recycling fees for each mattress. Therefore, mattresses carry an extra fee. Drywall is another recyclable material which has extra fees. Actually the landfill disposal rate is double for this type of construction material. While we are on the drywall topic, it should be made clear to clients that some drywall needs to be tested for hazardous materials. The test is inexpensive and it should be done on any old-looking drywall material.