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Welcome to B Wise Junk removal services.

Our company provides the most reliable and affordable rubbish removal services in the Vancouver area. We remove unwanted items and garbage for residential and commercial clients. Over 75% of the garbage that we remove, is recycled in variety of ways. This saves us money and it protects the environment in beautiful British Columbia.

What is Junk Removal?

Some years ago the city of Vancouver stop collecting large items as garbage. The North Shore Transfer station opened for business but most people did not have the transportation nor the time to take large furniture to the dump. Therefore the need to junk disposal services was born. Whatever the city does not want to pick up, our company will be able to assist you in hauling it away to the landfill or to recycling facilities.

How much does junk removal cost?

This depends on few details. Price is determined by the volume, weight, type and location of your junk. Our company pays to the city landfill disposal fees based on weight and type of rubbish. For example drywall carries double the dumping fee a regular garbage would have. Also, mattresses and box springs are recycled and they have an extra fee associated with this service. The location of your items is also very important. Having your junk in your basement will be more expensive than having it on the drive way or the curb side. Bring items from a basement can add few hours to our labour costs.

How to schedule an appointment?

Give us a call and we will be happy to do this for you and answer any question you might have. Actually, clients are encouraged to ask questions since this way we can determine what exactly you have and consequently give you a better estimation rate.  Once we determine what is a good time for us to visit your house, we will give you an appointment date and 2 hour window spot at which you should expect one of our team to show up.

How to save money on junk removal services?

There are few simple steps that allow our customers to save money. The most effective way is to get all the junk to the driveway or the curb side. The faster we load it onto our truck, the cheaper it will be for you.  Another thing a client can do is to bag all the small items. If  you have furniture for removal and you have to have them outside few days before we arrive, make sure it is covered so it doesn’t get wet. A heavy couch will add to our cost at the landfill.